The Project

The Living Wardrobe

is the outcome of my doctoral research project, in which I investigated how the fashion design process might be redirected for sustainability through an expanded design process that considers the capacity of the garment to enable responsible clothing practices of use and re-use.  How this might be implemented in a contemporary ready-to-wear fashion context is suggested in the practice outcomes: a series of everyday garments accompanied by this website of resources.

Some of the garments developed within the research project are included on this website.  These are investigations into design practices and processes with the potential to foster enduring, active relationships with everyday garments.  Through design and construction methods that facilitate repair, alteration and modification, the garments’ capacity to meet the changing needs of wearers over time (fit, condition and taste) is increased.  This approach considers that a garment may have several owners over its lifetime.

Each garment has a QR code label that when scanned, links to this website.  The intention is that the garment communicates its enduring capacities to each owner over time, when needed.

This website is an evolving repository of resources and tutorials to assist with repairs, alterations and modifications to update the garments and share easy, useful and rewarding sewing skills with the wearer.

From the development of these garments, an expanded design process for fashion is emerging, in which the likely consequences of wear and tear are predicted and inform the design decisions made.   This supporting website seeks to extend both the designer’s and wearers’ capacities to share responsibility for the lifetime of the garment.

The papers I have published about this research are available via Academia.

About Me

I am a fashion practitioner and lecturer in the School of Fashion and Textiles, RMIT University, Melbourne.   I am also an enthusiastic op shopper.  Which is where this research started.

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