The Wardrobe

3 piece outfit

3 piece outfit

The wardrobe is a series of garments that together create a capsule collection for everyday best.

Each garment has been designed and made to last.  Changes the wearer might like to make have been pre-empted so that adjusting waist lines and replacing worn parts is achieved simply.  Buttons are used in place of zips or studs so they are easy to move.  Areas of wear are reinforced so the reinforcements wear before the garment does- they can be simply cut out when worn and replaced if desired.  The Layered Top has been made with cuffs and bands in a contrasting fabric so if necessary, they can be replaced one day with something new, without the stress of matching fabric, anything black and stretchy will do.  There are tutorials and resources to assist with these changes, encouraging wearers to have a go.

Beyond ensuring repair is as easy as possible, each garment is constructed in an ‘open’ way so the wearer can even make changes I never thought of- seams can be readily opened and generous seams and hem provide that bit of extra fabric.  Some ideas for remaking and updating are shared under resources so explore the site and see what might work for you.  New to sewing?  Have a go- lots of links to great online sites to help you get started.

A forum is being developed for wearers to share the modifications they have made to the garments.