Keeping clothes in use.

Clothing Divestment options

Repair is the simplest strategy to keep garments in use and out of landfill. Repair fits into a larger ecology of garment lifetime extension strategies that encompasses complementary methods of remodelling, remaking, repurposing and recirculating garments. These are the actions consumers can take to live sustainable fashion. Often, engagement with sustainable fashion is only associated… Continue reading Keeping clothes in use.

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Fashion. Craft. Repair

10 – 25 October 2020 Fashion. Craft. Repair. explores the intersection of contemporary craft and fashion practice through the lens of garment repair. Repair is one method of extending the life and use of garments, a factor that is critical to achieving environmentally sustainable outcomes within fashion. It is being undertaken in various ways: by… Continue reading Fashion. Craft. Repair

Phd thesis available online

This website documents the outcomes of my PhD thesis which is now available through the RMIT Library Research Repository. The thesis is titled, The Living Wardrobe: fashion design for an extended garment lifetime. The abstract reads as below: This research explores garment design for extended use by re-evaluating its potential to enable practices of sustainability… Continue reading Phd thesis available online

Adjusting the cowl skirt

Adjust the waist by moving the buttons and snaps or opening the centre back seam.

Small adjustments to the fit of the waist of the skirt can be made by moving the buttons and press studs (snaps) on the side front of the skirt. Additional adjustment can be made by unpicking the waistband along the contrast stitching (white), opening the waistband and letting out or taking in the centre back… Continue reading Adjusting the cowl skirt

Slow Fashion Lab exhibition

An outfit from The Living Wardrobe will be on display in the Slow Fashion Studio that complements theFast Fashion: the dark side of fashion exhibition at RMIT Gallery in Melbourne. Read more about it at The Age: Sustainable style: Could slow fashion improve your health?

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